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Our first call for internships had us overflooded with requests from students and professionals alike and we loved every single bit of it! At The Bubble Media House, we provide paid and certificate internship opportunities in Film Editing, Design, Marketing, Content, Sales and Production. What's more is that due to a very strong growth centric belief, we equip our interns with knowledge and skills in all these fields during the course of the internship to ensure that they are qualified enough to start their own projects or get hired by companies and organizations in the future. These interns are also our main points of contact as projects guidance and on ground work is assigned to them that helps them learn and apply the things that they have learnt to solve real world business problems. 
The basic tenure for an intern is 6 weeks and may or may not be extended depending upon their performance.

  • Certificate of completion from a registered media services company (That's us!)

  • Letter of recommendation from the Heads of the Department and The CEO/COO

  • Project based remuneration 

  • A chance to get involved as a member of our core committee

  • Observe the nuances of business development and film production with a chance to interact with and learn from industry experts and professionals

So why the wait? Register today using the Google form link provided below!!

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