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About Us

Our Story

Having started its novel journey of filmmaking and related services in 2020, The Bubble Media House Community is now a proud home to many talented directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, producers, and distributors who enhance their outreach and expand their network through our direct and collaborative programs. Our filmmaking related plans include several offerings like creating advertisements, music videos, short films, show reels, content distribution to top national and international OTT channels, company script and screenplay drafting, presentations, independent editing amongst many others.

We also provide our very own, personalized brand marketing and social media management program, that was launched in 2023 and has proven to be hugely successful and highly recommended by our partners and clients.

Basically, we create tailor-made plans that fit your needs perfectly.

So, ask yourself, do you want the best solutions for your next project?

Yes? You know where to find us.

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